Mediawork Digital is an industry-leading digital & social media marketing agency. Based in Malaysia & Singapore, we work with clients across the Southeast Asia in achieving their business goals through effective digital & social marketing strategy.

What is social media?

Marketing is the activity and process for creating; communicating and delivering offerings that have value to customers. So Social media is providing the activities of online communications channels dedicated to community-based input, interaction, content-sharing and collaboration.

Social Media Services

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    Content Strategy

    Creating engaging content with quick turnarounds to react to trends, events etc

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    Community Management

    Active community management engaging in dialogues with consumers

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    Social Monitoring & Listening

    Social listening with actual analysis of data provided by Social Listening tools & APIs

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    Competitor Analysis

    Competitor analysis to understand their sales tactics, impact on consumer and shift in engagement

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    Social Media Marketing

    Buying media effectively (for reach, control of frequency and efficiency).

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    E-PR & outreach campaigns for amplification and validation through influencers.

Our Content Architecture

Our content structure is divided into 3 parts.

Content Architecture
  • Hygiene content be the most compelling answer to the question
    discovered through Social Listening
  • Hub regularly updated destination and valuable and engaging content worth returning to subscribe – like – follow
  • Hero content entertain and inspire with emotional storytelling promoted through advertising

Our Strategic Framework

Our Strategic Framework is divided into 3 parts.

  • CONTENT – Improving Quality
    Contents play a crucial part in ensuring growth and engagement. Consistent updates and connection with the fans ensures strong social media presence and builds brand loyalty.
  • NEWS FEED – Maximum Reach
    Due to FB’s changing algorithm, media buy plays a more crucial role than ever in getting content in front of more of the right people.
    i.e. Post Ads creates awareness, targets unique interest group, reach non-fans & generate strong engagement
  • PAGE ACTIVITY – Engagement Support
    Apart from media support, campaign and timeline giveaways help in garnering engagement and brand awareness, increases page activity and brand value.

Competitors Analysis

A marketing competitor analysis is a critical part of your own marketing strategy.
We provide a valuable competitor insights and data like never seen before.

Competitive Engagement

Social Media Competitive Sentiment

Social Media with Purpose

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